The truth of the matter is 
The jobs that make us feel accomplished are not necessarily the jobs with fancy titles or even higher pay ,but the ones where we know we are adding true value and working with a bunch of great team players.
The truth of the matter is
Our best dates or friends night out are not necessarily the ones where we have dined at fancy restaurants and with well orchestrated activities, but they are the ones that have been spontaneous, simple and full of insightful conversation.
The truth of the matter is
It’s better to be on the road to success with all the struggles and anticipation but knowing that you will get there, rather than it being offered to you on a silver platter.
The truth of the matter is
The possession of houses that make us happy are not the bigger or posh ones, but the ones we can call home that is filled with love, laughter and care for each other.
The truth of the matter is
That we know these simple truths but we forget them and get caught up with things like status and how the world thinks of us and our lifestyle.
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One Response to The truth of the matter

  1. Kevin says:

    the last truth of the matter encapsulates everything!
    loved your post.
    Cheerz !

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