Lillian Carter once said “Sure, I’m all for helping the elderly. I’m going to be old myself someday”. On 17th September twenty five of my enthusiastic Intel Singapore colleagues (privileged to be included :)) just did that, we took time off from work to go serve the elderly as volunteers at the Lions Nursing Home in Singapore. The timing of our visit was well timed with the Mid-Autumn Festival and there was reason to celebrate with the elderly at the home.

Two of my colleagues volunteered as emcees and hosted the event and them conversing in various dialects really helped as many of residents didn’t speak English. There was also a karaoke session organized that served as a good ice-breaker between the volunteers and elders. The karaoke and entertainment were followed by a quick meal that was served by us. We were pleasantly surprised that the residents had hearty appetites and enjoyed being feed a variety of food and off course the traditional moon cakes in celebration of Mid-Autumn festival.

Even though there were language barriers for some of us, it didn’t seem to matter, as a smile was all that was needed to communicate with them. The activity turned out to be an emotionally rewarding experience for us and most of us where humbled but at the same time felt a sense of satisfaction that we spent had spent our time well.

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