According to me the planting of a seed of inspiration within a person which encourages  them to be a better person is what we all really created for. It’s not the  power hungry corporate sharks who manipulate the system for their benefit’ or ‘the corrupt politicians who put their greed ahead of their mother land that inspires people. And with all their executive power and all the wealth in the world if you don’t enjoy people’s true respect, then it all amounts to nothing.
Nothing brings me more happiness than being in midst of inspiring people. Recently I have had the opportunity to meet some very inspiring people who may appear ordinary but these seemingly ordinary people have the power to inspire extraordinary actions  from other people. Many of them have overcome crisis like being abandoned by parents, critical illness, false accusations, bankruptcy, debt, disability etc  but despite all this they have stood strong and held on to their values and core beliefs. It’s my sincere hope that you may get a chance to  meet people of this caliber so that they may ignite a burning desire in you to be the person you always wanted to be.
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