The topic of relationships has always intrigued me and I have always introspected on what are things that bring people together.  Some of the relationships we have in life are assigned to us, like – parents, children, aunt, uncle, cousins etc and some of them we enter into by our own choice. Among the relationships that are out of our own choice, one of the most important is the one that we have with our significant other. Over the years I have heard multiple people having very different versions of how they define and treat their most significant relationship. There are many variables that bring people together and it varies from person to person but there is one thing that sustains a relationship and keeps the fire burning, which according me is conversations. [pullquote]It’s a guarantee that those people who have intimate, deep, happy and satisfying conversations on an ongoing basis have the relationships that are the happiest and strongest. [/pullquote]

That’s why it amazes me when I hear of people opting for long distance relationships or see couples in public who seem to have absolutely no conversation with each other. It sounds scary to me if someone tells me that most of their intimate conversations they have in their day are with friends and colleagues only. We must save up some of these conversations for our partners and spouses as well. So here is a test for us all – if something nice happens to you in the day, who is the first  person you tend to share your joy with? If you’re natural instinct is not to share with your partner then it’s a time to evaluate if you are seriously connecting with your partner. Don’t take lack of conversation in your significant relationship lightly, if it continues for long it will eventually build an insurmountable wall between the two of you.

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