I read this report recently on how blogging as a trend maybe on the decline among today’s teens and the millennium generation and thought I should write something to encourage fellow bloggers but mostly myself 🙂 to keep on keeping on. There is no doubt that with the proliferation of popular social networking sites it has become much easier to share bits of information and possibly personal commentary as well, thus making blogging secondary and possibly putting it on the back burner. There is also an underlined capacity issue where I believe people like to consume information in smaller chunks and not necessarily detailed analysis or posts. And lastly the whole paradigm shift in weblogs becoming more visual which itself lends to very question that I sometimes ask myself and I am sure if you are a blogger then you do too – ‘Is anyone interested in reading and is it worth the effort to write a post. A dying breed or just a phase, whatever the case it maybe, if you are a blogger and you have been consistent over the years then you have my respect because I truly believe ‘Bloggers are brave Souls’. We all know the celebrity stories but beyond that there is an Ocean of great writers writing into the solitude out of choice or out of the hope that someday people will notice them and appreciate them for their knowledge & gift.  It can get quite lonely and discouraging writing your heart out with little to no guarantee of any readership what so ever. Imagine yourself standing on busy street speaking with heart and mind but no one bothers to stop by and listen. Sometimes you may spend hours perfecting that post that you think might click with people only to find out that one sentence from a pretty young thing has got tenfold the responses as compared to you. Forget about accolades and recognition but sometimes you may even find yourself on the wrong side of some flamer or hater who has chosen you as the special of the day.  With the odds so heavily stacked against them wouldn’t you agree that ‘Bloggers are brave souls’? So go hug a blogger today 🙂

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14 Responses to Bloggers are brave souls

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  2. Mark McClure says:

    Well said!

    Some blogs have a business/commercial focus while others simply chart a journey in progress.

    Blogs can also be seen as a digital legacy from one generation to the next. Historians in the far future will be pouring over what remains of blogs as they try to piece together the social fabric of the early 21st Century. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

    Blog on!

    • Thanks Mark for your comments. One of the motivators for me is the fact that 10 years and beyond i will have rich documentation of my life and experiences, which is precious to me. Even now i love the fact that i read my post from 5 years back and get a sense how i felt about somethings in the past and how i have evolved as a person. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me … J

  3. Harro! says:

    Hi Jams,

    Blogging is not on the decline. It’s actually improving in quality, as opposed to quantity. This quality is essential to the next wave of growth.

    The other issue with the financial dynamics of blogging is that advertising dollars have settled down into key bloggers sites and social media programs.

    The bar is being raised between an entry blogsite vs. large media agencies. So to create a blog has lower impact. Its easier to post on facebook with established news distribution channels.

    A blog thus is for the serious media elite, frequently for those with quality thoughts, and high perseverence. It will pay off. Improvements to WordPress is an indicator of community interest and its relevance.


    • Hey Terence … Some really good comments you made there. I do believe in the quality vs quantity thing you mentioned. Also i do think that there is a consolidation underway and entry barriers into becoming a mainstream revenue generating blog has gone up. That said there are still the pleasures of the ability to express your thoughts and opinions via blogging even if few are listening. BTW on your wordpress comment is spot on and i am so glad that i moved both my blogs to wordpress at the start of this year, it just keeps getting better 🙂 Cheers Jams

  4. Soofi says:

    There are still many folks who enjoy reading blogs and getting a different perspective of life/events/people etc. Keep blogging u brave soul!!

  5. Gurmeet says:

    Yes, please, all you sweet ladies out there – I am a blogger. Hug me!

  6. pooja says:

    Hmmm your post just inspired me to write again, the thing you said about speaking the heart out and no one listening is exactly what I feel. But to hell with it ill blog no matter what!!!

  7. Raksha says:

    Hey my first time here…this post made me feel so good…thank you…and a Happy New Year to you:)

  8. i like your site and the article on bloggers!

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