Can’t end the year without a 2010 personal wrap up note right? What can I say – 2010 has been a tough year for me personally. It has really stretched my boundaries as a person and tested me on areas of patience and perseverance. This time last year I remember ushering in 2010 sleeping on a bench outside the Intensive care unit which had my dad in for heart complications. I kind of had an inkling then that this is not going be an easy year for me and my family. But I do believe that lessons learnt in tough times are preparation and grooming for better times.  And like they say what happened is not as important as what lessons that have been learnt and here are some I have learnt this year ..

  • Be humble, stay focused on your goal, committed to your beliefs and you can and you will weather the storm.
  • There is no embarrassment in failing because there is much honor in knowing that you tried & gave it your best shot.
  • You can still help others to move closer to achieving their dreams even if your own personal goals are in a state of languish. Don’t wait for good times to do good.
  • It’s all right if your compass is stuck momentarily and you don’t know where you are headed, great inspirations and lessons come in the wilderness.

Here’s wishing everyone a great 2011. I hope that 2011 brings new beginnings and is the year for success and restoration for many.  Happy New Year!!

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