Lately I have realized that sharing my enthusiasm, ideas, vision too liberally has the side effects of attracting its fair share of naysayers and dream killers. And the sad part is that many of them can be people who are supposedly closest to you. Some of the objection from select people I must say can be genuine feedback but most of the other opinions are just envy or their negativity guised in the costume of concern. Your plans are loud, outrageous, and outlandish, bound to fail and look bad are not exactly the feedback you would want to hear from those whose opinions you think matter.  I am a big fan of taking feedback and being transparent but to what extent and to what audience is something I haven’t mastered yet. To figure out if the opinion is motivated, with an agenda is becoming more critical. Maybe it’s more prudent to get advice from an acquaintance or a total stranger that has a reputation for sound wisdom in that area. Or then it is an instinct thing, trust your instinct and don’t bother about opinions? More questions than answers at this point.

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