There are a million little things that we may get wrong in life, things that eventually don’t matter. But then there are a few big things, which if we get it right, make a world of a difference. Well last month I finally got one big thing right – I asked my girlfriend Chris to marry me, and she said yes. God knows the tough obstacles and road blocks that we have had to deal with to come this far, but in the bottom of our hearts we both knew that if we can’t get this to work then nothing else will. Marriage and relationships are itself very complicated and then if you bring the inter-racial element, it then brings its own set of complexities.  Some day in the future i would love to write a story about it, but for now I am very blessed to have Chris in my life. Chris is one of the most caring and loving human beings I have come across and like I keep telling  all my friends – ‘Chris is a person that brings out the extraordinary from ordinary people’. A woman who loves God and loves people what more can I ask for.

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    Nice Blog Jamshed. Very good texts and posts!
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    Happiness !

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