If you ask all my friends what i have been advocating aggressively for the past one month, then you will probably hear them say the book ‘Strengths finder 2.0’. I loved it so much that i even insisted that my fiance read the book and do the test so that it can help us understand each other better. I recently found out about it at work as our team has just adopted this so that we can better understand ourselves and our colleagues. I was so impressed by how accurate the results were for me and to a certain extent i was pleased as well.  I did for the longest time have a hunch about my talents but now it was confirmed that these were it. It’s my personal belief that people who discover and figure out themselves early in life are the ones that live to do great things. In the spirit of self discovery i highly recommend you get a copy of this book and also take the online test for which the login credentials are provided in a sealed cover at the back of the book. The book’s philosophy is simple – not many of us know our real talents, let alone spend time honing them. We are mostly conditioned by society to work on our weaknesses as most of us believe that our talents never go away and its the improvement areas that need our attention. But the truth of the matter is that talents only become your strengths when you make a time investment in them. The more you focus on your natural talents the more likely they will become your strengths, which will take you through to be a successful individual. Do yourself a big favor and get off those ever recurring development areas and just focus on what you are naturally good at, because that is the very reason you were ever made. I like to leave you with this wonderful quote

[pullquote]Don’t be encumbered by past history. Go off and do something wonderful.” –Robert Noyce (Intel Co-Founder)[/pullquote]

BTW if your curious my top 5 talents are – futuristic, strategic, responsibility, ideation and activator. Let’s compare notes shall we?


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