Whenever i listened to the Gladiator Soundtrack, emotions would stir up in my heart and eventually i would tear. I thought it just made sense to write something that came out as an inspiration from this song, and so here it is. Please do listen to sound track while you read it and hopefully you feel what i felt.

Now You Are Free

His heart sank as he saw the sun set on his first day as a butterfly. To him it symbolized the end of all good things and life as he knew it. He felt he would never again see the birds in the wide blue sky, the colorful flowers that he could smell from a mile, and the magnificent journeys he had made in the day, would he ever experience them again? He prayed to his great creator to bring back the sun. He begged his creator that he was not done with his life and was not quite ready to give it up yet. Why do all good things have to come to end he wondered?

And as the darkness overcame the brilliant rays from the sun he could feel his life slip away. The night brought strange creatures and sounds and the butterfly knew he would not make it to see the light of the next day. At Dawn he saw a strange tunnel of light appear and he remembered the wise man from the day, whose hand he rested a while on. He recalled what the man had told him that moment “the darkest hour of the night is dawn my friend”, the significance of which he knew now. As he lay there on a leaf, an angel appeared and lifted him whispering to him “Now you are free”, “You are free from this world, free of from all your lives lived on this earth, free from your bonding and responsibilities. You can now rest in God’s kingdom where the sun never sets and birds never stop singing and love is in abundance”. “Now you are free”
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