Today an innocent Indian girl died, clearly before her time, all due to the brutality of four scums of the earth and may they forever rot in Hell. I am angry, upset  and even ashamed of my Indian roots but the reaction of the media, politicians and many sections of the Indian society has had my blood boiling.  Many are behaving like it has happened for the first time and surprised that people in the country are even capable of this kind of crime. While truth is that many have all along been ignoring the signs, because some citizens and the political system in general has been so obsessed with their own selfish pursuits and greed. Yes! ‘personal greed’ is the mantra that many live by. As long its not our children, our home, our car, our career that is affected then its fine, rest we don’t care and it’s someone else’s responsibility. But some might argue that this is too much to ask for, then let me ask how many have even fulfilled their basic duty to their country and society.

To me if you fit in any of these points on this list then you don’t deserve to mourn for this brave girl’s death.

– If you evade your taxes or don’t pay your fair share of taxes. Maybe if you had there would be better transport infrastructure and this incident wouldn’t happened. Who knows maybe there would be more budget to have more security and cops.

– If you are a politician, member of parliament, or part of the government as a minister or civil servant or in the police force and you have siphoned off tax payers money or taken bribes to do your job. You are the actual rapist here and India doesn’t need you.

– If you as parents have always discriminated against the daughters in your family and made her feel inadequate, unequal, a burden to your life, participated or witnessed dowry harassment or girl child foeticide.

– Or you have enjoyed and foolishly exposed young impressionable minds to sleazy Bollywood item numbers that demean woman as a total sex object.

– Use your contacts or money power to escape punishment or rob some deserving student of their college admission. Screw your ‘Jugad’

– Damaged or polluted public infrastructure

– Skipped an opportunity to make things better in society with the infamous ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude.

Wake up India!! We all know where the problem lies.

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