During my junior college days when I was tossing career options in my head, journalism was something that I was actively considering. And so in my pursuit to find out more, I decided to approach some journalists.  Some were nice, some were even inspiring and then there were some who came across as dodgy. But there was this one guy in particular whose words made think real hard, he told me – “News is rare, most of what you will read or hear from a journalist will be their opinions formed based on some facts and many assumptions.” And then he said – “You know what is even more dangerous than lies, its half-truths”.  I was quite saddened by what he said and in my quest to prove him wrong, I started picking up random published news stories and researching them. To my shock many stories had been miss-represented or had missing facts and even though some were factual, they just showed a very one sided view of a story. In short most of the stories were not well researched and just put out there to meet a deadline or an agenda. In my disappointment I went back to him to let him know about my findings and he said something even more profound – “Journalism is a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of the truth, it either enlightens a society or plunges it into darkness”. In this era of Social Media where everyone is now a journalist I wonder how much thought do people give to this underlining principle of commitment to the truth. And I wonder how many people are hurt and how many lives are destroyed with the half-truths that get published. Its something to introspect about. Think before you hit the like, submit or Re-tweet button. In the end only the truth shall set us free.

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2 Responses to Journalism is a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of the truth

  1. I do agree with every word in this post. I and a couple of friends also realized this loophole in journalism and decided to create an app (Frrole) that will democratize news. I will not write about the app here, as it might be taken as a marketing effort, but I know that this sentiment is spreading fast and people are doubting more and more the authenticity of news they are being fed. I’d love to see it change.

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