If it came down to the end,

would each man dare to say,

that deep within his soul,

he had a truth to bare,

he had let a good one slip away.

Was it the sands of time,

Or fear that kept him away,

Or were his empty pockets too hard to bear,

Or was it that he just couldn’t say,

what he wanted to say,

and so she slipped away.

Haunt him forever this must,

that they are strangers with mistrust,

in the arms of another man she was thrust,

forever lost will they stay,

because he let her slip away.

False pretense he needs to keep,

when day to day people he meets,

his conscience he can’t confront,

when her memory comes in the forefront,

a missing piece will always stay,

because she slipped away.

Last few breaths away,

her memory he can’t keep at bay,

regrets fill the air,

things he should have said,

to keep her from slipping away.


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