My story so far….

3169_70560761173_3498423_nBorn and brought up in a suburb of Bombay city called Bandra. As a Bandra boy, I was totally immersed into the local Bandra lingo and maybe that’s why I enjoy partaking in ‘Singlish’ now in Singapore. Anyway, growing up in Bandra was fun because it had everything a young boy needed. Adorned with sea shores and beautiful landscape, it was home to a lot of colonial type houses that echoed with happy voices and smelled of lovely curry. But what I loved most about Bandra was its cosmopolitan culture. Loved the fact that mom brought us to temples and churches of all kinds and that my school classroom was a diverse mix of kids from all religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. Probably another reason why i feel completely connected with Singapore as its the melting pot of different cultures living side by side in Harmony. Though I grew up in abundance of family and friends, I was very much a sick kid. I guess that’s where I get my pensive and introspective nature from. Spent many days just thinking about life and why it was a bit different for me.  After finishing my junior college, like what every good Indian boy was expected to do in those days, I decided to enroll myself in Engineering in a city called Pune which was some 200 km’s from Bombay. Although I wasn’t exactly mechanical engineer material, I did manage to do a reasonable job at completing it. The four years I spent in Pune was character forming to say the least, my health issues continued and probably life was at its lowest point for me then for multiple reasons, a story to tell for another day. After my engineering I returned back to Mumbai, not completely sure what I wanted to do with my life. So I decided to take up a part time job in the computer retail industry, not knowing that the Macs & the PC’s i sold would have such an impact on me that I would spend most of the next 15 years in the computing industry. Midway into my career, I decided to do my masters in business administration with marketing as my major. After my MBA I had an opportunity to work for some formidable organizations, but my biggest break came in the form a job at Intel. Intel was one of the companies that I always looked up at in the technology industry. Thanks to Intel, I traveled  internationally for the very first time in my career. Visiting new countries and meeting new people from different cultures really expanded and broadened my outlook to life. In 2006 I took the plunge to leave India for Singapore, with just one suitcase in hand and with absolutely no idea how I would survive in a new land with no friends, it was definitely one of the toughest decisions I took in my life. In retrospect, I feel it’s probably one the best decisions I made. Singapore not only became my home in the years to come, but I also met my soul mate, now wife here. It was also in Singapore, where I met my spiritual family of believers that took me in as their own. Even though I will never forget my roots and where I came from, Singapore has given me a lot and I do feel a deep sense of gratitude and a sense of responsibility to give back to this lovely nation. And so the story continues……

Jamshed Wadia

P.S : I maintain another blog called ‘Corridor Conversations’ where I share my professional expertise and write about work that i am passionate about.


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