By Jamshed Wadia
These quotations are dedicated to my family and friends without whom these experiences would not be possible.1. Always support a person who is down and out, you will never know what he or she may become when they are out of their problems.
2. Everyone seems to be on my side when things are going right for me.
3. Respect your parents; they are usually the only people who really care about you.
4. Always try to put yourself in other’s shoes and then make your judgments.
5. Relatives are like flies. They only come close when something interests them.
6. Invest in your family. It will always reap you rich dividends.
7. It does not matter what you are at school, it matters what you are at the school reunion.
8. Never say no to any job you never know when that experience will come of use.
9. Learn to take responsibility for your activities, that’s one way of making sure you do the right thing.
10. Don’t be afraid to say you messed up; people appreciate that in a person.
11. Don’t play with people’s feelings it will always haunt you for the rest of your life.
12. Don’t say yes to a job because you liked their office; ask for their balance sheet.
13. Don’t be afraid to say no, you will probably land up lying all your life.
14. People are bound to break your trust once in a while, but hang on; it will be worth it.
15. Learn to do things you don’t like it will make all the things you like doing more enjoyable.
16. Never get caught between two women, it’s a one-way ticket to a nervous breakdown.
17. Keep in touch with all your old pals; you never know when you will need them.
18. Believe in your instinct it’s the only thing you can really believe in.
19. Never try to change a person rather create an environment where the person wants to change for you.
20. Don’t be too rigid about what you want out of life, the world’s most happiest people are the one’s who can be flexible and get the best out of what is in store for them.
21. Compromise to the extent that you do not loose your identity.
22. Learn to change, especially if it means achieving or getting what makes you happy.
23. Don’t waste your time on unhealthy relationships especially if it comes in the path of happiness.
24. Take on only as much as you can handle; don’t try to play God.
25. Always keep your commitment it’s only then that people will take you more seriously.
26. It is important to be honest but you should get your timing right.
27. Don’t displease the people who love you by pleasing people who really don’t care for you.
28. Nothing is more important than your health, that’s the one thing that comes of use when everything else is going wrong.
29. Every experience is worth it if you learn something from it and make the necessary changes in life.
30. You can never please or impress everybody, so don’t try too hard it may not be worth it.
31. Learn to respect the people who disagree with you, and beware of people who always seem to agree with you.
32. Always have a feeling of self worth without it you are slave of circumstances.
33. Benchmark your achievements with your personal potential and not with other people’s achievements.
34. Don’t be afraid to accept your failures, it is only after you recognize them that you stop failing.
35. Don’t hate anyone; they will land up controlling your life.
36. Don’t judge anybody’s moral values, you never know when you may act immorally?
37. Don’t expect anyone to advertise your brilliance; you would have to do it yourself.
38. Don’t try to be perfect when you have a time constraint.
39. Be very clear about what you want out of every relationship, sometimes it is necessary to state the facts.
40. Don’t look back if you don’t learn anything new.
41. Relationships are like chemical reactions need to add something regularly to keep it going.
42. Marriage is way to tell the world we are not casual about it.
43. Happiness is something you work at; it does not come naturally.
44. Do a relationship audit once in a while to tell you which you should drop and which you should add or keep.
45. Be true to the moment as these moments make up our lives.
46. No place is safer than your mother’s arms.
47. Don’t waste you time on people who don’t make an effort to understand you, they are never worth it.
48. Don’t be too affected by other people’s judgments, most successful people were written off by many.
49. Most of life’s realities can be found in music.
50. Don’t expect anybody to solve your problems for you and if somebody does question their intensions.
51. Don’t try using logic in human related issues.
52. A man who has control over his emotions will always be a winner in the professional world.
53. In order to be a good leader you need to lie with conviction.
54. Be passionate about what ever you do and success is assured.
55. No decision is ever final; there are always ways to back track and move in the right direction.
56. The best way to beat loneliness is to be there for another lonely person.
57. If you can’t change the world then change with the world.
58. When short-term prospects seem bleak think long term.
59. Leadership is nothing but knowing what your followers want.
60. Don’t try to be everything to everybody because some roles you play may be diametrically opposite to each other.
61. There is nothing like an unconditional relationship, you have to abide to some terms and conditions to make things work.
62. Consistency in thought and action are a must for a balanced life.
63. Trust is a lifeline for any relationship.
64. Don’t expect any one to heed to your advice when it has not worked for you.
65. Tragedy and hardship usually change people for the better.
66. Sometimes trying too hard inhibits your natural talents.
67. A mother cares most for her most difficult child.
68. Success is relative; you got to decide early in life what is your definition of success and work at it.
69. It’s ok to be a diplomat but we must remember diplomats never get a chance to run nations.
70. Don’t be afraid of making tough decisions the mature will always react in a positive way.
71. Freedom is not being independent but having the choice of people you want to dependent on.
72. Know your limitations; don’t give others a chance to point it out to you.
73. Sometimes we forget the simple things in life, which are the things, which make us happy.
74. Don’t feel that nobody understands you would be amazed the kind of problems others have in their lives.
75. Don’t choose ego over happiness, give in, even if it means proving you’re self-wrong.
76. TV just makes us believe that the whole world is full of perfect and beautiful people.
77. Never do anything for anybody as an obligation your insincerity will show through in some way or the other.
78. Don’t ever dampen anyone’s enthusiasm; it’s like squeezing the life out of someone.
79. The amount of trouble a situation brings in your life depends on the amount of importance you give it.
80. There is something definitely wrong in the way we are living our lives; there is more misery than ever before.
81. When you think you reached rock bottom always remember the darkest hour of the night is dawn.
82. Stay away from negativity in life. Always spread love and happiness a lot of people out there are hungry for it.
83. Worrying endless about a problem is like carrying your luggage on your head while sitting in the train.
84. Remember the law of averages if its not happened, it may never happen in the future.
85. Love your neighbors; you never know when you may run out of sugar or coffee.
86. Remember that even if you win the rat race you are still a rat.
87. Don’t wait till the age of 40 to ask your self what is the purpose of your life.
88. Make a difference in someone’s life; it will make the world of difference in yours.
89. If your work makes you ignore your family life, it is time to slow down.
90. The best thing about your life falling into pieces is that you can pick and choose the pieces you need to collect to build your life again.
91. It’s good to dream, but if you cannot convert those dreams into realities its high time you come down to realities.
92. Family, work, friends are like compartments of a train a problem in any area can derail your train of life.
93. Don’t ever let your ego get in the way of expressing your true feelings; you may miss an opportunity of a lifetime.
94. People who think you know in and out will always surprise you; nobody can ever be completely predictable so stop assuming things.
95. Keep a small part of you to yourself it will come to use when you are lost and lonely.
96. Don’t ever look further if you find someone who loves you for the right reasons.
97. Don’t be afraid to settle for something, which is not exactly the way you want; you possibly end up loving it.
98. Always be ready to give a person the benefit of the doubt in tight situations it will make you a better and happier person.
99. If you ever want to know if you really love a person you need Answer these questions.
Who do you think of when you wake up in the morning? Who do you think of when you go to sleep at night? Who can you count on, when in difficulty? Who do you share your deepest darkest secrets with? Who is your best friend? Who is the person whose actions hurt you the most?
100. To be completely in love you need to feel it deep within your heart and soul, and if you do it would withstand any storm it may face.
101. An ‘ I love you’ at a happy moment is more genuine than when someone says it when they are down and out.
102. Confrontation is always the best solution to resolving a problem, escaping from it makes it worse.
103. Lust truly does not make business sense you are giving in to some moments of pleasure for a lifetime feeling of guilt.
104. Be what you are all the time; It will help you by not bringing unrealistic expectations from others.
105. Experience is the best teacher no book can ever substitute that; so don’t ever shun an opportunity to learn something new.
106. Each and every one of us must learn how to motivate and push ourselves so that we don’t become victims of bad circumstances.
107. Don’t ever take up a job you don’t like because of the money they offer you; you will probably land up paying much more to the doctors & shrinks for the stress it will cause you.
108. Don’t panic when everyone around you is doing better than you but wait your turn to success. By panicking you will probably end up making a decision you regret for the rest of your life.
109. Change is an inevitable fact of life; don’t waste your energy fighting it; rather use it to work in your favour.
110. Let go of your inhibitions in life, push your self if you need to, you will never need alcohol to get you high.
111. Its ok to do things without any particular reason sometimes but don’t make it your life’s philosophy.
112. There just one secret to looking good and that is to know how to carry yourself well.
113. Blow your own trumpet but don’t ever go out of true.
114. Everybody misses school and college days, we all miss doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it.
115. To dismantle a system successfully you need to use the system to reach to the top.
116. Don’t question each and every system you encounter you will end up a cynical person.
117. Knowing yourself and knowing what you want out of life is the biggest victory you will ever have, rest of the problems are all peanuts.
118. If you ever approach your boss with a problem make sure you do that with some solutions in mind. It’s easy to be a part of the problem rather than providing solutions.
119. People always want to hear the things they expect to hear and hence if you want to say something new you got to camouflage it with the expected to get better results.
120. Everybody needs to make one commitment in life and that is to make his or her life count.
121. The first lesson to learn when dealing with people is to never slot people in your mind.
122. Thank people who challenge you and write you off that possible may be the trigger point to your road to success.
123. Work you hate doing + Long work hours = Stress = Health related problems = Inability to work efficiency = More stress and cycle goes on it.
124. Don’t be in job where you need to compromise your beliefs and principles everyday just to keep your job. It will destroy the fabric of your life. There are ways out of such situations if you only believe it is possible.
125. Your job as a leader will not be to do your subordinates work but remove obstacles which inhibit and affect their efficiency.
126. When happy and self – sufficient make sure it’s not at the expense of someone else’s happiness.
127. My success is dedicated to all the people who did not believe in me, did not consider me good enough, who didn’t think I had a chance cause if it wasn’t for them I would have nobody to prove wrong.
128. Be happy you have problems because your problems are your reasons to succeed.
129. The person who screams and shouts in an argument is usually the one in the wrong.
130. There is just one thing that can be an obstacle to your success and that is a lack of commitment.
131. Never go to sleep angry and upset, resolve the problem before going to bed then the next day will truly be a new beginning.
132. Life is strange. All your childhood and teen life you do all the things that are needed to attract your soul mate, only to learn latter in life that your soul mate likes nothing else but who you actually are.
133. A man’s true test as a good human being comes when he is rich and successful.
134. You are happy man if you can wake up and know who you are; what you like doing best and where you belong.
135. You are definitely not a looser if you don’t have much to do on a Saturday night and it’s not necessary that you should be at the best of the parties on New years night.
136. Sometime feeling Broke or Rich has got little to do with how much money you have in your Wallet.
137. At the end of the day we must remember that each of our parents have the done the best they are capable of for their children, It doesn’t matter how much more or less than anyone else’s parents.
Copyright © 2001 by Jamshed Wadia. All rights reserved. Reproduction in English or other languages is prohibited without written permission.

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  1. Sachiin Bedi says:

    Hey Jamshed
    Really good ones – although I don’t fully comprehend with some of the quotes. All in all – good job!

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    Sachiin Bedi

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