Recommendations received on LinkedIn. 

Jason Tan – Marketing | Sales | IT | Entrepreneurship | HR

Jam was my manager and mentor for 2 years at Intel. He is such an inspiring and visionary leader. I was impressed by how he managed the organisation. While he set strategic goals and high expectations for the team to achieve he creates the platform and opportunities for the team to grow and excel simultaneously. Not to mention, he is an empathetic leader and a good listener. He would make an effort to understand the team’s challenges, conflicts, feelings, and provide support when needed. Jam has the ability to identify the potential of each individual in his organisation and he would invest his time and effort in nurturing the team to excel in their respective discipline. The team and stakeholders have gained the valuable coaching and support from his extensive knowledge and experience in sales and marketing. As a manager, he is enthusiastic, supportive, decisive, focused and result oriented. He embraces the value and culture of diversity, and this was one of the uniqueness of the organisation. I am grateful and honoured to have worked with Jam. I learned a lot from Jam and this enabled me to stretch beyond my limits and leap ahead

Aditya Kanathala – Digital GTM & Media Manager

A perfect blend of clarity, leadership and perseverance is what comes to my mind when I think about Jamshed. I had the pleasure of working in Jam’s team for 5 years at Intel Corporation. Whether it’s the marketing transformation projects like setting up the best in class Digital Hub and defining B2B modern marketing strategy or it’s the brand leadership and B2C performance marketing, there were many firsts that our team has accomplished in these 5 years in the region(APJ). Jam leads by example, gives enough room to experiment, stands with you in time of crisis and lastly cares for your personal & professional growth. Can’t ask for a better leader/manager. If you want someone with a no-nonsense attitude, futuristic vision and clarity to execute, reach out to Jam. I am sure that would be one of the best decisions you made.

Gilad Coppersmith – Client President, Solutions APAC

I have been working with Jamshed for almost 3 years as his Agency lead. He is a dream client. He has always treated Dentsu as a partner and actively helped grow the relationship between Intel and us – what more could you ask for? Jamshed is incredibly knowledgeable about digital marketing in particular, yet always looking to learn more. He openly embraces new technologies, platforms and techniques which makes working with him that much more interesting and fruitful. Layer on top of that his years of experience in both marketing and sales and depth of knowledge in the technology sector and you have someone whom I believe is superbly positioned to lead an organization to success in the era of digital transformation and I would unreservedly recommend him.

Kim Danker – Global Sales Account Manager, at Intel Asia Pacific and Japan

Jam started off as my mentor, then manager at Intel. He took a chance on me, giving me the opportunity to expand my skills and experiences through a role in his team. His leadership style is built on transparency, integrity, openness, determination and being decisive. His strength lies in his innate ability to listen, coach and guide whilst simultaneously giving his team the opportunity to take risks and explore new ideas. He is not only a great leader, but an amazing human being as well – he genuinely cares, takes the time to check in, and identifies ways to motivate his team to help them excel professionally and personally. I am immensely grateful for having had the chance to work for Jam, and I would work for him again in a heartbeat.

Karen Wong – Sales and Digital Enablement at Intel Asia Pacific and Japan | Women at Intel Network APJ

Jams was my manager, mentor and friend for over 3 years at Intel. While the other commendations speak for themselves, I believe Jam’s true shine comes from the investment he makes in each and every individual in his organisation. He takes the time to build his organisation around individuals. He takes time to create space for both growth and conflict. He takes time to nurture and rarely relishes in credit. As a result, he built one of the most diverse teams I have the privilege to be a part of. Having a leader like Jams in my corner allowed me to take risks, fail fast and succeed. It allowed marketing to showcase real value to our stakeholders, and allowed us to stretch beyond our job scopes. Any organisation would find his style refreshing and beneficial to the team and business at large.

Sophie Khang – Senior Manager, Digital Scale & Insights Group, Intel

Jam is a formidable leader, a visionary and a kind soul. It’s a rare combination of leadership traits in today’s business environment. I am very, very fortunate to have worked with Jam as a client, and later as my manager. Jam could truly “see” people’s potential beyond the facade. He brings out the best in others and inspired many to bring their A game to work. Jam role-modeled and taught me values that I strive to uphold: integrity, honesty, fairness to all, courage, resilience and adaptability. In the past 5 years working with Jam, I watched him turned ideas into gold, built a dream team with diverse talent, and empowered the team to develop experimental projects like digital hub command center into a world-class digital analytics hub. Jam is the real deal, I look forward to be working with him again in future.

Ruby AuDigital Marketing | Corporate Communications | Customer Experience | Brand Advocate

Jamshed is an inspiring leader who demonstrated his success by motivating a diverse and high-performance marketing team to achieve business goals through sales-attributable marketing strategies. He empowered me to step outside of my comfort zone and to believe in my capabilities so I could achieve new heights in my career. As a manager, he is authentic, trustworthy and supportive, who always genuinely cares for his staff. I also admire his breadth of experiences in sales and digital marketing, strong customer orientation and tenacity in adapting to changes.


Jill ToscanoVice President | Head of Media at Walmart

I had the pleasure of working with Jam for over a year and he was a fantastic partner to me. There were many marketing initiatives we collaborated on. Jam ensured that every global program was actually meaningful to our customers in local markets. He was able to parse out the valuable insights from the generic ones and customize programs that directly drove brand and business results. Part of the success of these programs came through the strong relationships he fostered with media partners, never-been-done-before innovations he pioneered in the marketplace, and the ability to quantify the impact of his programs through his team’s mastery of data and analytics. Jam is also a strong, motivational leader of a high-performing, cross-functional team. The leadership and way-of-working principles he instils in his team make them a dream to work with.


Siim SäinasSocial Insights and Measurement Lead APAC, Google| Founder of BrandHero

Jam is probably one of the smartest guys in digital marketing I know. His resilience, dedication to the brand and wit is truly admirable. He was juggling 11 agencies when we first met. Not long after he was managing a full-fledged command centre. Which drove business results from optimizing media to spend to capitalizing on real-time moments.


Delilah CHANHead of Sales, CNN SEA

Jamshed was a client to my business at Twitter. At a time when brands were just starting to understand how best to use social and Twitter in particular, Jamshed stood out not only because of his profound understanding of how the platform could be harnessed, he was an advocate within his organisation and went on in fact, to educate and inspire us, the vendor side sellers, on how marketers looked to curate, mine and use social data to take smarter, on- the- pulse decisions for their brands and business. He was very knowledgeable and, on many occasions, has shared his experience and knowledge to inspire Twitter’s wider community of marketers. As a client, Jamshed was always clear on his asks and can be counted on to offer a fair assessment of our work – the good, bad and ugly. In this regard, working with his team and him meant that we often felt like we were part of the same team and therefore owned the success kpis together. I’ve come to learn that this is a characteristic of Jamshed’s leadership. He is inclusive, puts people first; as a person, he is smart yet curious, as a professional, he is commanding with his knowledge and experience yet empowering all at once. I will recommend Jamshed for any organisation looking for an inspiring leader, bold thinker, problem solver and someone who gets it done.


Yuree HongEmpowering trust & optimism in times of crisis | Sustainable growth in tech and diversity | SMEs | 10+ years global exp.

A very sharp and inspiring leader I’ve known in my career. Jamshed is always at the forefront of digital innovation and very creative in applying the new technology to marketing and data analysis at Intel. I had a privilege working closely with him at Omnicom Media Group when Intel was pioneering the social and mobile media buying in Asia. His humble attitude and management style influenced me when defining the role model in leadership. His speeches at conferences are compelling and deliver a clear message to the audience. I genuinely appreciate his mentorship in marketing, technology and leadership that motivated me a lot to grow and develop the more advanced skillset.


Anuj SayalSerial Entrepreneur | Investor | Ex-Intel | Sr Consultant | Social Media Analyst

Jamshed is deeply passionate person and have in depth knowledge about Digital world. Got chance to work with him and he had demonstrated high level of teamwork, professionalism, creative and leadership abilities. His abilities to think out of box & innovative approach made him successful. I wish him all the best!!


Claudine PacheGlobal Head of Brand and Content, Nearmap

I had the privilege of working under Jamshed’s leadership at Intel for several years. He is an encouraging manager and digital thought leader, that brings extensive experience with data led insights into the work that he delivers. His passion for digital transformation and his desire to help people and organisations is what makes Jamshed such a unique and special person to work with. He cares not just about what he does, but also why it is being done. He challenges the status quo and is not afraid to do things the hard way. He has drive and determination for excellence in the work that he does and that of the team. It was a pleasure working with you Jam, I look forward to when we can work together again!


Che Min PehContent Strategy | Digital Marketing | Business Development

Jam is an excellent marketing leader who stood out to me in my scan of 20+ marketing organizations with regional/global teams in Singapore. Two key reasons: 1) he successfully demonstrated the value of marketing to the rest of the organization, and was therefore able to pioneer something and to continuously push frontiers; and 2) contributes generously to industry education and to younger talents – always giving back to the marketing community in Singapore. Jam has been a real gem, and I would love to work with Jam again one day!


Chuck HemannPractice Leader, Integrated Intelligence & Activation at W2O Group

I had the pleasure of working with Jamshed while we were both at Intel, and during that time he represented all that you expect from a marketing professional. First, he clearly laid out the strategy for his team. The strategy was measurable, and clear to a broad range of stakeholders. Second, Jamshed was open to taking calculated risks. For example, Jamshed spearheaded the development of Intel’s first digital command center. Several attempts were made at building something similar in the past, but Jamshed was successful in articulating the value, the ROI and how the command center would continue to evolve. It has become a model for how other digital command centers are built — either inside or outside of Intel. Lastly, Jamshed’s approach to marketing is closely aligned to what the business wants to achieve. While on its face that statement might appear to be a no brainer, in my experience the linkage between marketing and sales is not always made. That lack of linkage typically results in a lack of marketing funding and trust within the organization. Jamshed’s reputation within the sales organization was always that of top-notch performance and partnership. In summary, Jamshed is the very epitome of a world-class marketer. I enjoyed working with him then, and hope we have an opportunity to partner in the future.


Jennifer LashuaMarketing Director, Intel

Jam is a marketing leader with strong business acumen and a sharp, creative mind. He has a constant pulse on customer behaviour and digital media habits and can marry business objectives with creative approaches to deliver real breakthrough impact in a crowded digital space. He is also a true pleasure to work with – friendly, honest, and brings out the best in those he works with.


Sara VarelaSocial Media Strategist

I always bump into Jamshed at conferences, I’m there to soak up the knowledge and he is the powerful speaker on stage. A seasoned veteran (how does he maintain that youthful glow and electric curiosity about life?) of social and digital in APAC & Japan, Jamshed’s work at Intel has been incredibly inspiring for those of us that follow him as thought leader and the brand in their game changing social media innovations. We then got to work briefly on a small project with each other and his social agency extending the relationship further. A devoted family man who always inspires me with his work-life balance and love of the Singapore staycation to take power breaks between work projects; he’s now built and launched the Intel Digital Hub in APAC and Japan. His new move to take all digital and social in-house from Singapore with listening and amplification will be a catalyst for change in the region. 


Ekaterina WalterMarketing Innovator; Bestselling Author; International Speaker [MBA, PMP]

It was an honor to work with Jamshed Wadia. He is without a doubt one of the top marketers I have had a pleasure to partner with. Jamshed’s knowledge of the industry and his ability to learn and adapt in the fast-paced environment are exceptional. He was one of the social media trailblazers in Asia who recognized the shift in the way customers communicate and created meaningful social media strategies for Intel to adapt in real-time. This led to a number of record-breaking campaigns and initiatives, and later on to building sustainable communities and long-term customer relationships. I will not only recommend Jamshed to any business as a valuable resource, but I truly hope I’ll get a chance to work with him again one day. Companies are always looking for extraordinary leaders, and Jamshed is one of them. 


Emma-Jayne KingFreelance Content Director & Events Consultant

A charismatic speaker, generous advisor and all-round great guy, Jam continues to be one of my Top Speakers for SES digital marketing events in Asia. Having worked with Jam on both the SES Hong Kong and Singapore events in the past 6 months, I am always delighted to watch him present his exciting and dynamic content to our various audiences. Engaging and transforming even the mutest of crowds into an auditorium of impressed chatter and inquisitive questioning, Jam simply is a joy to work with. I know that I can trust him to turn up and deliver without the need for my assistance or guidance, whilst still graciously adhering to my timelines and editing his works to suit my needs – sometimes even at a moment’s notice 😉 I always look forward to seeing Jam and hope to work with him again soon.


Christel QuekCo-Founder of BOLT ⚡️ | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Advisor to Zilliqa & Switcheo

Jamshed is a fantastic example of tireless dedication, great hardware (knowledge about Marketing and the utilisation of Social Media Channels) and great software (connecting with people). He is truly a rare breed in a world of digital marketers who is all-rounded yet grounded. I would not hesitate to work with him again if given the opportunity to do so. 


Caroline Thomas-KorgerGlobal head of Communications and employee engagement

I have known Jamshed for 3 years now and he is by far, one of the best regional social media experts for Intel. He also demonstrates the ability to deliver relevant and accurate information, analysis and insight on technology trends. He uses social media to tailor marketing campaigns to promote products with the highest revenue potential. He works well with the sales team and has a keen understanding of marketing principles and practical applications. Jamshed is a talented writer in all subjects that he is passionate about. I thoroughly enjoy his blogs on technology and life. He cultivates rich stories for articles and promotes goodwill through publicity events. He has high integrity and is passionate about his field. I would recommend him to any employer as he is someone who moves the dial in any organisation. 


Lalita Lee (李敏丽)Design Thinker | Change Maker |

I had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Jamshed when he was serving the Fujitsu account. As a business partner, Jamshed is one that you can rely on and always ready to support and go beyond his call of duty. As an individual, Jamshed possess this passion and drive in him that I admire and respect, and I also had the opportunity to further explore and discuss on the infinite possibilities of social media – whom I regard as a Guru in this aspect. With all the positive qualities that Jamshed illustrates either at work or on a personal level, he is definitely an asset to any organisation. 


Joyee TohClient Compute Sales

Jamshed is someone who i look up a lot at Intel. Not only he is a great mentor, he is a fantastic colleague & a friend at the same time. For someone who take great pride & passion in his work, he is truly a gem to any company.


Rajashekhar ReddyDy GM (Marketing) at H & R Johnson India Ltd.

Though I did not have the benefit of working with Jamshed directly, he is still remembered for the work done at the H & R Johnson in re-branding exercise of Granito to Marbonite. Marbonite, is by far the most preferred brand by customers who are looking for Vitrified tiles. Not only, at HRJ, but also at Institute of Technology & Management, he has been my senior. There is no doubt in saying that the initial start given to the Brand Marbonite by Jamshed and the team has helped in achieving the status, it enjoys today and we are sure there is a lot to achieve in future. I wish him all the best for future. 


Rochelle ChhayaChief Operating Officer at OMD APAC

I worked with Working with Jamshed has been a delight. His discipline at his work and ability to push creativity is what makes him a true partner. I first started working with Jamshed when we were coming up with a Digital strategy for the Region and his keen sense of judgment and strategy helped drive this forward in many ways. His ability to drive projects forward and an attitude that every problem has a solution that just needs to be found is instrumental in pushing many projects over the line. Most certainly an outstanding partner to work with. 


Mike SagerCustomer Success | Board Member | Startups

I have worked with Jamshed during my time running the x86 server business at Sun Asia Pacific. He is a standout partner for Sun and has done a fantastic job elevating the joint marketing programs for Intel and Sun. He was very flexible and motivated and worked with Sun’s sometimes inwardly focused marketing processes to achieve outcomes everyone can see. Jamshed is an outstanding marketing professional and I would hire him without hesitation.


Sudip ChakrabortyAssociate Director – Brand and Media Planning at Logicserve Digital

I didnt have the privilege of studying with Jamshed ,but when i was in college(1 year after he passed out) and even now when i teach there ….there is a certain aura surrounding his name and whenever any marketing faculty speaks of students contribution ,his name is taken with lot of respect. Sudip


Rajiv BharathanSr. Vice President, Ozonetel

Jamshed was one of our brightest resources in the PC biz. He had the right mix of technical skills and biz acumen. He had superior articulation skills and he could pitch at very senior levels. He brought in tremendous enthusiasm in the team.


Vijay ManjrekarRegional Operations Manager at SAPTHAANG SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (SAPS)

Jamshed Wadia is a very committed person, take every responsibility as a challenge. Keeps motivating his team and ensures they overachieve targets allocated.


Terence GomesWorking jointly with CISOs in India to Build a Cyber Resilient Enterprise

Jamshed is proactive and puts his best in his assignments unlike some who just do the minimum required. He is result oriented and will keep pushing himself towards excellence.


Rajesh RadhakrishnanFounder Director and Chief Marketing Officer

Jamshed is a highly creative marketing person with ideas overflowing. He is a dependable and reliable person when it comes to execution. He is always forthright in his opinion and overall liked by all.


Mehul DesaiBusiness Manager at Business Objects

Jamshed is a great team player and helped account management team to position Wipro product range (servers and storage) in the accounts appropriately against Indian and MNC competition. He is a Relationship person and great marketing/brand person. He drives himself and always remains motivated. He has managed Channel partners exceptionally well and able to get great mind share from Channel partners. 


Himanshu MehtaSr. IT Project Manager at Franklin Templeton

Jamshed is an extremely professional individual with an aptitude one would envy. His presentation skills help communicate difficult concept’s with ease.” He is soft spoken, always eager to help people in whatever way he can and learning from others, are some of the qualities that makes him a true professional. It was a great delight working with him 


Tirthankar Poddar aka 2BlueSinger, Writer, Speaker, Actor

Jamshed was my class fella at Business School and remains a great friend. He is synonymous with professionalism and perfection – always a figure one can look up to.


Sam BellamyChannel Sales Executive

I had indirectly all the channel marketing teams WW working for me at the time, Jamshed was the most capable in terms of creativity and discipline that turned marketing actions into revenue generation. He was a pleasure to work with and i wish had his calibre on my team today.


Suryanarayanan BVice President – Sales APAC at Privafy

Jamshed is a quick learner and gets off the ground on projects quickly. His understanding of business, technology and market is an asset. He exudes passion about what he does and is a great team player. I enjoyed every bit working with him.


Arzan SingpurwallaHead – Distribution Sales and Reseller channels, India & SAARC at Cisco Systems

Jammy’s a highly focused professional with an extremely resilient attitude. He has the ability to bounce back and give his best in the toughest of situations. His high energy levels can rub off on other people working with him. He’s a great guy to have around and have a chat on just about anything in life.



As a student under my guidance at ITM, Jamshed showed great potential and promise in his marketing, leadership and business acumen skills. He was adjudged as the ‘Best Marketing student’ for the passing out batch of the Year 2000. During his 2 years at ITM under our guidance, he was also successful in getting his own articles published in a leading business journal. I wish Jamshed all the very best for his career and believe that he will be a great asset to any organisation.


Anukumar Ramesh – Director – Customer and Partner Success at SAP Concur

Jamshed (Abhishek look alike :)) is always fun to be with. He is a very dedicated and focussed individual when it comes to the completion of any task. He thinks out of the box and never hesitates to say SORRY when he realises his mistake! He has demonstrated great People Management skills at Wipro. His team would stretch the extra mile to achieve the goals set by him. He sets a great example when it comes to cross-group collaboration. He is my great friend and mentor at times. Very helpful and a go-getter. Wishing him all the best! 


Marcus Low – Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan at Ingenico Group

Jamshed is a very dynamic individual who has a lot of bright ideas. He puts his ideas into execution. He is never afraid to speak his minds but he does it in a non-confrontational way. His knowledge is wide-ranging, other than his work, he has passions for blogging and he does reflections on things around. He is an author of a book too!


Amit Mehta – International Business Development Strategist Focused on Ecosystem Development & Marketshare Growth in Asia/Pacific

Jamshed “Plans His Work & Works Towards Plan”, accuracy on every task, has analytical observation & execution, result oriented, excellent man management in profession & personal, Jamshed would be a good Asset to any company.


Patrick Mathias – Director – Strategy, Business Transformation & Digital.

Jamshed is Results Oriented person with a eye for detail and works with collaborative approach in the process inspiring people around him. He is a good team player.


Shirley Lim – APAC Marketing & Social Media Lead at VIAVI Passionate Advocate of Channel Marketing & Latest Digital Trends.

Jamshed is dedicated & efficient, he has managed & executed many successful campaigns & events. His work is always above expectation.


Sarah Lim – Marketing Communications, Greater China at Apple

Jamshed is an extremely sharp individual with great business acumen. His ability to access & deduce any market opportunities position him favourably with all his regional contacts he works with. Jamshed is articulate & objective. Definitely a great asset to any company or business unit who will be fortunate to have his dedication. 

Angan Guha – Senior Vice President & Global Head : BFSI : Wipro Ltd

Jamshed did a wonderful Job of developing the channel business in the Western Region which that year gave us 20% of our overall Product revenues. His contribution in growing the server business through Channels was also very commendable.

Rajeev Jain – Azure Product Marketing (Data & AI) | Microsoft

Jamshed is one of the most mature & committed individuals I have come across. His unique blend of qualities like leadership, inter-personal relationships, and understanding of business & technology will sure bring him enduring success.


Pradeep Gupta – Sr . Commercial Manager at Microsoft

Jamshed was a very focussed and result oriented Manager. He was incredibly good in understanding the need of his team and his customer as well. And was good at addressing that need before it becomes a concern. He used to take care of details and never compromised with the quality of his work. We got many new customers in his stint with Wipro. 


Ashok Kumar E R – Co-Founder at Scripbox

Jammy is multi-talented personality with diverse interests. Innovative, methodical and result oriented in his approach to work. Gives his very best in everything he does. Excellent team player & brilliant relationship manager.